2020 – MITSUBISHI L200

2 May

The Japanese manufacturer decided to upgrade the Mitsubishi L200, a model that in some markets takes the name Triton and that with this mid-life upgrade prepares to face the last stage of commercial life of the current generation until the arrival of its new delivery.

The Mitsubishi L200 is the latest addition to the new Mitsubishi L200, which has been designed with the latest technology in mind. releases from the Japanese manufacturer.

With several years on its back, the current generation of the Mitsubishi L200 was already having a hard time facing its more modern rivals, but this mid-life upgrade will make things easier, as it has remarkably improved its eye- the same time that it gained a technological and mechanical update.

What stands out first in the refurbished Mitsubishi L200 is its front-end, which opens up relevant news with a complete overhaul that includes new headlights that include LED lights, as well as a new grille and a new bumper, which incorporates also antineblinalights of new design. The rear has also undergone a slight revision and although the changes are less evident than in the front, the incorporation of rear lights of new design can give a touch of modernity to the set.

In relation to the interior, the Japanese manufacturer took the opportunity to introduce new materials to cover the majority of surfaces, achieving improved perceived quality. In terms of safety, the technology incorporated in the refurbished Mitsubishi L200 is remarkable, since it counts on several assists in road, among which are the alert of objects in the blind spot, relief of frontal collision, warning of rear cross-traffic, detection of pedestrians, etc. It also introduces a new driving mode that takes the name ‘Off-Road’, focused on driving on difficult terrain.

Regarding the mechanical part, the most relevant news are related to the incorporation of a new six-speed automatic transmission, as well as new more efficient front brakes, which have larger diameter discs as well as new axle dampers rear.

Commercialization of the refurbished Mitsubishi L200 will start in Thailand later this month, but its arrival in the rest of international markets will take place over the next year.


In addition to Mitsubishi Motors’ genuine 4×4 system, SUV has Flex engine, multimedia system with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, rain and light sensors, Sky View panoramic roof, traction controls and stability

The Mitsubishi ASX is the perfect combination of the 4×4 with the versatility. The bi-fuel engine and all the day-to-day practicalities and amenities further strengthen its unique personality.

The striking and balanced look has gained new elements in the 2019 line. The aggressive and robust front Dynamic Shield receives new grille that is in perfect harmony with the chrome detail on the radiator grille and the central finish of the front bumper that is now silver or depending on the color of the vehicle.

Another new feature is LED DRL lights, which are integrated into the bumper, enhance safety and add a touch of sophistication. The rear has also gained news and is even more robust with the chromed finish on the trunk lid and new bumper with integrated reflective lenses.

Coupled with the new look are the 18-inch diamond wheels, equipped with eco-friendly green tires with low rolling resistance 225/55 R18. The look is further enhanced by the frames on the wheel housings, which make the set much more sophisticated. To complement, Shark’s fin-type shark antenna provides a sporty and aerodynamic design, as well as improved radio signal reception.

It is a versatile vehicle, thanks to the dynamic, robust flex engine with the option of 4×4 traction, and brings the modernity of a multimedia center that allows interaction with the Carplay and Android Auto systems, increasing the possibilities of entertainment. It’s practical for day-to-day life and great for outdoor adventures on weekends with the family, “says ReinaldoMuratori, director of planning at Mitsubishi Motors.

Equipped with MIVEC Flex 2.0 engine, the ASX has 170 hp and 226 Nm of torque when fueled with ethanol. Thanks to the cold starting system with QuickStart System without reservoir, it presents low emission levels of pollutants.

Intelligent design allows the model to be compact on the outside without compromising on-board well-being. And it’s practical at all times: AWD versions are equipped with various items that make everyday life easier, such as rain sensor and automatic headlamp ignition, Start & Stop button, which allows one-touch engine start, keyless system with approach sensor and retractable external rearview mirror, which is automatically activated when the vehicle is locked. To enhance the sense of freedom, there is an option with Sky View, a modern panoramic glass ceiling, as well as xenon headlamps with automatic adjustment and washer.

To guarantee even more safety, both in the city and on the road, all versions are equipped with traction (ATC) and stability (ASC) controls, ensuring safety and comfort, especially on roads, saws and slippery floors.

Another convenience is the Hill Start Assist, a very functional day-to-day feature that does not let the vehicle move backwards or forwards in up and down matches. The ASX is also equipped with the state-of-the-art Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), which monitors tire pressure and indicates on the dashboard when calibration is required.

The steering wheel, in addition to functional with integrated voice commands, telephone, audio and autopilot, make up the interior look with chrome finish and black piano. The model can still have the beige interior as optional, which brings even more refinement and sophistication.

The multimedia system is modern and connected with 6.75-inch capacitive touch screen and equipped with the latest smartphone compatibility features such as Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto with voice command, AM / FM radio, MP3, bluetooth with audio streaming and USB connection.

Power and technology

With true Mitsubishi Motors 4×4 DNA as standard, the ASX has an electronic drive system. With a simple tap on the button located in the center console, the driver can choose to drive the vehicle in 2WD, for urban use and that provides more comfort and fuel economy; 4WD, for more sporty use, ideal for winding tracks; and LOCK, which provides greater safety on floors with poor adhesion.

The 8th generation High Torque Transmission CVT transmission has less slipping, ensuring power, better acceleration, less noise and faster and more efficient responses, enhancing the pleasure of driving. With Sports Mode sequential and Paddle Shifters positioned behind the steering wheel, it allows for manual gear shifting, making driving even more pleasurable. In addition, the exchange has the exclusive INVECS III system, which analyzes the driving style of each driver, making the gear shifts suitable for everyone.

Coupled with all of this, the new MIVEC variable engine control acts on the intake and exhaust valves, generating an improvement in the torque curve, which results in better performance coupled with fuel economy.

Intelligence for everyday life

Designed for the comfort of the whole family, the ASX brings together the main features of an SUV, such as the high driving position, with the comfort of a stroller. It has heated leather seats in the front and electric adjustment for the driver in the AWD versions.

The ASX dashboard is exquisite and efficient thanks to the high-contrast color LCD display, 12-function on-board computer and silver-rimmed markers and white illumination.

The ASX is compact and has large internal space, thanks to the wide 2.67-meter axle, which facilitates maneuvering. The design with striking lateral lines impress lightness, not leaving aside the daring characteristic of this model. All this is designed so the ASX has a low drag coefficient of just 0.33, which ensures better performance and fuel economy.

The large luggage carrier has a lowered floor, which makes it easier to load and unload luggage. And there is still a space below the floor, which is not visible, to store small objects. Altogether, they are 605 liters of capacity.

The rear seats have individual head restraints and can be partially or fully folded. The central part features armrest and pass through opening, with easy access to the trunk to pick up small objects. In all, nine courtesy lights are distributed inside the ASX, which also has three map holders and six hooks for cargo.


One of the highlights of ASX is in security. The vehicle comes with pedestrian protection technology, with plastic front fenders (Noryl) that helps reduce possible impacts. The structure is designed under the RISE concept of controlled deformation and the steering column and brake pedals are collapsible. The ASX is equipped with ABS braking system with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), which ensures a perfect distribution of braking force between the front and rear wheels in all situations.

Combined with this set are the McPherson independent front suspension, helical springs, stabilizer bars and Multilink rear suspension, which give the driver greater vehicle control as well as smooth driving on uneven terrain.

Protection for passengers is complete. In the AWD versions are nine airbags: two front for driver and passenger, two on the sides, four of curtain and one of knee, exclusive in the category. The occupants also have front seat belts with power limiter and seat and headrest protected from the ‘whip’ effect.

The ASX has a power-to-weight ratio of just 8.3 kg / hp, which translates into pleasurable driving both in the cities and on the roads. It is built with ‘Ring Type’ structure of high rigidity, made with thin steel plates of high malleability and low weight. In the motor, the cylinder head is made of ultra-light aluminum. This whole set has been carefully thought out and contributes to the low weight of this crossover, only 1,420 kilos (2WD).

Tranquility in reviews and warranty

Available in three versions, ASX 2.0 AWD Flex + Ceiling + Xenon, ASX 2.0 AWD Flex and ASX 2.0 2WD Flex, the model is available at dealers across Brazil in eight colors: Rhodium Silver, London Gray, Cool Silver, Brown Cocoa, Blue Oil, Ruby Red, White Fuji and Pearl Onyx Black. The vehicle has a three-year warranty and MitRevision with a fixed price, which guarantees more tranquility and convenience to customers.


  • One of the most important vehicles for Mitsubishi Motors in Asia is the Delica D: 5, the large size MPV, which year after year conquers more than 100,000 users in the region. Now, the Japanese brand introduces the model renewal by adding style details debuted in Xpander.
  • Delica D: 5 introduces improvements in equipment, finish, exterior appearance and powertrain to continue to win those customers who are looking for a capable MPV, including some escapades off the asphalt.
  • Leaving aside the particular aesthetic shown by the Delica D: 5, the MPV becomes interesting by the many solutions aimed at improving comfort, including independent seats with multiple adjustments, a new multimedia system with large touch screen, improved instrumentation, electric sliding doors, etc.
  • Under the hood of the Delica D: 5 hides the improved 2.2-liter diesel engine that develops 177 hp of power and a maximum torque of 380 Nm, arising coupled with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. Customers can opt for single or four-wheel drive, in the latter case including differential lock.
  • The equipment available includes automatic three-zone climate control, leather upholstery, sunroof, electric and thermal seats, 360º vision system, wood inserts, high-quality sound system, automatic back cover, keyless entry and start, detector dead-end objects, pre-collision warning, automatic city braking, track change alert, etc.
  • The new Mitsubishi Delica D: 5 will begin shipping in Asia in the coming weeks, including markets such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand.

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